AI Challenge

Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe presents Artificial Intelligence

2 APRIL 2019

Grand Theatre

This event challenges its visitors to reflect on the influence of Artificial Intelligence on their business. By an AI show and examples of concrete AI applications, the visitor will discover new opportunities due to this largest technological development of the past 100 years.

Announced speakers April 2019

Pierre Fautrel and Gauthier Vernier were world news in October 2018 with the auction of the portrait of Edmond de Belamy, the first painting made by an AI and sold at an auction. It raised $ 432,500.

Pierre Fautrel

Gauthier Vernier

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  • 19:30

    On monday evening we organize the Big AI Show for a wide audience in which the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence are highlighted by numerous speakers. The audience is in an interactive way part of the show. Host is Bram Douwes.

  • Introduction determines the political preference of the voter on the basis of the emotions that the politicians call upon them. It will be used as a test balloon during the council elections of the municipality of Groningen on 21 November 2018. The public of the evening is the test panel.

  • AI KNOWS ME By: Monte Königs

    If you don’t pay for it, you are the product. Whether we want it or not, our data is our newest currency. In times where we put privacy as such a high priority, our online and digital behaviour would tell you otherwise. It's called the intention behaviour gap. “I’ll give you my data, but I want a personal, custom-made offer in return.” And AI brings new dimensions to the collection of data and the tailer-made expectations: next to opinions and behaviours we can now also track emotions and personality. Challenging all data collecting organisations to pro-actively consider the question: how can we use such rich data in a meaningful and also ethically right way? How will the emotions and personalities of your end-uers change your organisations activities? Within which ethical framework can your organisation work with data? What does this all mean for our daily work?

  • Meet Your New Workmate and Friend By: Bennie Mols

    For thousands of years people have been dreaming of building machines that look like themselves. With the invention of computers and robots in the mid-twentieth century, we have for the first time created machines that not only take over physical skills from humans, but also cognitive skills. The recent breakthroughs in learning machines let the computer play GO much better than the human world champion. In the extremely difficult knowledge quiz Jeopardy, man is no longer a party to the smart computer. How far are we in 2018 with imitating human intelligence in machines? What is fact and what is fiction? How are smart machines already applied? What are the opportunities and threats?

  • Hitwizard, an AI Crusade to finding music industry’s Holy Grail By: Ard Boer

    Being on the lookout for the next big hit is what keeps music publishers and producers awake at night – but thanks to artificial intelligence and neural networks, they might finally get a good night’s sleep.

  • Trust the source By: Margot Verleg

    Margot is the founder and owner of TrusttheSource and is an expert in misinformation. What is misinformation actually? Everyone is now familiar with the concept of fake news. Particularly in response to the American presidential elections, it is clear what the effects are. Fake news is' one of the forms of misinformation. It is mentioned by the World Economic Forum as one of the biggest threats that our world faces right now. The AI of TrusttheSource helps to reveal fake news.

  • Host Bram Douwes

    Bram Douwes (Groningen, 1984) obtained a master’s degree in Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Groningen and is self-employed at ‘Productiewerf’ since 2009.

    He presented the award-winning talk show about the city of Groningen ‘Stand van Stad’, ‘De Week van Bram on regional broadcasting RTV Noord and was a researcher at the hit program 'Zondag met Lubach'. This year Bram was one of the presenters of King's Day in Groningen.

    At this moment Bram is seen in the web series 'Bramlandt' for Dagblad van het Noorden and he tours with Wilbert van de Kamp through The Netherlands with 'De Linkse Mannen Roadshow'


Monte Königs

Think Tank Member & Keynote Speaker at Whetston / strategic foresight

Bennie Mols

Science & Technology journalist / writer / communicator / speaker / moderator NIEUW boek: 'Hallo Robot'

Ard Boer

Chief scientist / co-founder at New Music Labs / speaker / co-founder at Hitwizard

Margot Verleg

CEO at TrusttheSource / factchecker / journalist


Bram Douwes



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